Our company's objective is to continually improve in all aspects of our business through a customer-oriented quality management system. We are committed to ensuring that this policy is understood and implemented throughout the organization.

We are the Global Sourcing partner for New and Obsolete Semiconductors, IC's, Relays, Connectors, Switches & Mil-Spec Components! We will help you source any electronic components if they exist. We continue to be a customer-focused company. Our experience and dedicated staff is committed to providing you with excellent service and prompt quotations.

  • ISO9001-2008 compliant
  • Multimillion Part Inventory
  • Worldwide inventory access
  • User friendly component search engine
  • Personalized service
  • State-of-the-art information systems
  • Knowledgeable technical support staff
  • SAME DAY SHIP OUT on all stock items
  • Excess Inventory and Surplus Liquidators

Other parts in our catalog

PartQuantityDate codeManufacturerAvailityRFQ
N25Q064A13ESE40G6269 - MICRONAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
REF02CSZ6269 - ANALOG DEVICAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
LM2940CT-15/NOPB6268 - TIAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
CR0402-FX-2201GLF6267 - BOURNSAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
CR0402-FX-4022GLF6266 - BOURNSAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
GMC04X7R104K16NT6264 - CAL CHIPAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
MT48H32M16LFB4-6IT:C6263 - MICRONAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
STW11NK100Z6260 - STMAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
B32521C6223K6260 - EPCOSAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
CH81102V2016260 - CVILUXAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
311801046256 - RIACONAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
RS8364006256 - Customer catAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote
ST62T20CM66255 - ST MicroelecAvailable 3-5 DaysQuote